Envoy, a new way to guide your students' English voyage

Designed with teachers in mind, Envoy is your new digital teaching companion to help you accurately assess your students' English language proficiency.

What is Envoy?

Envoy is an easy-to-use online test providing teachers and students with a more engaging and enjoyable testing experience. Combining the expertise of linguists with the latest A.I. technology to provide accurate insights into your students' performance.

Assessing foundational and communicative ability

Open-ended questions to assess and measure skills for real-life-settings

Adaptive test, optimises questions for a more personalised testing experience

Modular design, providing flexibility to test one or multiple skills

Results within 2 hours, aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Simple user dashboard for easy test set up. Create and send a test link in minutes

Test format

Envoy assesses four language skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. The test commences with a diagnostic adaptive task to assess the level of each student, enabling a more personalised and enjoyable testing experience for every student.


Students are required to listen to audio recordings and respond to a range of questions. This section measures the student’s ability to follow a conversation or monologue and understand or interpret information.


Students are required to read two-four passages of text and to assess their ability to understand meaning, main ideas, details, and inferences in the context of informational and persuasive texts.


Students are required to respond to five open-ended questions to test their communicative ability for real-life scenarios. This section requires them to formulate ideas and express them using lexical, textual and grammatical knowledge.


Students are required to respond to two written responses: an email and an integrated essay task. The tasks assess the ability to formulate and express ideas using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, mechanics and style conventions.

Detailed test score reports to help you help your students

Our leading proctoring solution ensures test security and fairness

Email verification and photo identification
Face and eye movement tracking
Copying and pasting prevention
Identification of multiple voices
Tab-leaving prevention

User-friendly dashboard to enable quick and easy test set up

Envoy, the smarter English test.

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